You deserve a relaxing spa treatment at Salon Couture Spa.  Come experience the good life with a massage, facial or other Spa treatment.

A Unique and Relaxing Spa Experience

Salon Couture and Spa has two floors of our building dedicated to pampering our customers with Spa Services.

We have multiple rooms designed for Massage and Facial treatments.

Relaxation starts with an easy to use online booking system. When you arrive for your appointment, we take you to our Spa Relaxation Floor. Here you will find a place to get ready for your treatment. And a nice relaxing room to wait for your therapist. Soothing music plays and lights are dim to kick off your relaxing and reinvigorating experience.

Next, your therapist will come and bring you to your treatment room located on our 3rd level. Here you will find a relaxing room specifically designed for your treatment.

Facial Menu:

For the few remaining humans still unfamiliar with the HydraFacial, here’s the deal: It’s a “medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that carries out a patented three-part regimen — cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive serums,” explains Sameer Bashey, a clinical instructor in dermatology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Back up: Hydradermabrasion? Yep. Rather than blasting the skin with grit, à la traditional dermabrasion, this gentler approach vacuums out pores while simultaneously pushing in potent actives, which moisturize, brighten, plump, and protect. The machine’s handpiece holds patented spiralized treatment tips equipped with “vortex technology” — the whirling force that both giveth and taketh away. Beyond the standard three steps, there are targeted add-ons, or boosters, which take aim at unique skin concerns, like brown spots or nagging lines.

Further elevating its profile, HydraFacial has recently teamed up with superbrands like SkinCeuticals and ZO Skin Health — having technicians incorporate key products directly into the scripted process, or sending patients away with specific kits to use between facials to enhance the benefits and add a bespoke feel to the entire experience. Notable dermatologists, like Anne Chapas, a clinical instructor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, and Zoe Diana Draelos, a consulting professor of dermatology at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, have even conducted clinical trials on these branded amplifiers — Chapas weaving various SkinCeuticals’ formulas into the procedure, and Draelos having subjects bolster a series of HydraFacials with a multifaceted ZO home protocol. Their results show everything from spikes in hydration and radiance, to improved firmness and texture, and reductions in oil and pore size. Next up is a HydraFacial x ColoreScience collab, based on a treatment called Total Eye 3-in-1 Therapy, launching late summer 2018.
Here, leading dermatologists weigh in on precisely what makes this facial such a phenomenon.

HydraFacial = $149.00


To Learn more about HydraFacial please click here


Massage Menu:

60 Minutes Massage (Swedish) = $69.00

90 Minutes Massage (Swedish) = $89.00

120 Minutes Massage (Swedish) = $120.00

60 Minutes Massage (Deep Tissue) = $69.00

90 Minutes Massage (Deep Tissue) = $89.00

120 Minutes Massage (Deep Tissue) = $120.00

90 Minutes Precious Stone Massage = $120.00

60 Minutes The Baby in Waiting Massage = $80.00

15 Minutes Chair Massage = $15.00

Spa Menu:

Come and Experience a First Class Spa that will cater to your every need.


Find a refuge from the chaos of day-to-day life at Salon Couture and Spa. There is a massage and body treatment service sure to address the health and relaxation needs you’re seeking. Our exceptional therapists strive to give you the very best and most relaxing experience every time you visit.

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