Teeth Whitening

Clinical Results on Efficacy

5 shades whiter in 45 Minutes. Why go to the painful, expensive and time consuming dentist?

What Is The Beaming White System?

Teeth Whitening Developed for Spas and Salons, it’s so efficient and effective that (for a higher price) dentists worldwide now offer our system to their patients as an alternative to power whitening or custom trays.

The Beaming White System is a professional light-activated teeth whitening system that combines the strongest, freshest gels with our high-powered Futura™ 2400 blue LED teeth whitening light.

The basic system utilizes our proprietary 16% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel that is highly effective yet safe for sensitive teeth. The gel is too strong to use with whitening trays so we developed the original paint-on system in which the gel is carefully brushed onto the teeth with a built-in pen style applicator brush. Soft mouth tissue is protected with the use of a cheek retractor and vitamin e swabs.

We recommend three back-to-back applications of 10-20 minutes each. The first application mostly just opens the pores in the enamel. The second application begins to visually whiten the teeth, and dramatic whitening results are achieved during the third application. We recommend following up with a take-home kit or pen to prevent color regression and further enhance the results. And finally, we recommend the customer purchase Minerals Enamel Booster from you to seal in the results, alleviate any tooth sensitivity they may experience (if any), and to remineralize and strengthen their enamel.

As we mentioned before, this system was developed to allow spas and salons to offer fast and effective teeth whitening treatments, yet, dentists love our system as well. In fact, a pre-eminent cosmetic dentist in the US does more whitening treatments with the Beaming White System than he does power whitening or home treatments with custom trays..

What Makes It So Good

Results! Results are primarily what makes our system one the best professional teeth whitening systems on the market. Spa and Salon owners, dentists, and customers all RAVE about the results. Many professionals report that they were just about to give up on offering teeth whitening until they discovered our system and got enthused about teeth whitening again.

  •  Fantastic Results
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Dentist Recommended
  •  FDA Registered
  •  Safe for Sensitive Teeth
  •  Fast
  •  Effective

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